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What is Business Broker?

An intermediary dedicated to serving clients and customers who desire to sell or acquire businesses.

Typically a business broker will:

  • Find sellers and buyers
  • Provides information and business advice
  • Maintain communication between parties
  • Coordinate the negotiations
  • Facilitate the closing processes

What Advisory Services Should I Expect?

  • Determining if a business is marketable and ready to sell, and if so, helping owners develop an overall strategy for selling.  
  • Advise how deal structuring can minimize legal and tax consequences.
  • Proper presentation which can greatly enhances the marketability of a business. 
  • Implementation of a marketing program designed to maximize the number of buyer prospects.
  • Buyers often have accountants, attorneys, and other people advising them on how to buy a business.  The Business Broker will have the experience and expertise to ensure that you have strong representation on your side throughout the process.
  • Helping entrepreneurs find business investments

What Additional Services Are Available?

  • Some people come to a business broker not knowing what they want. They just know they no longer want to work for someone else.
  • Some people want a specific type business.
  • Buyers can be individuals, investment groups, private equity groups, or existing companies who desire to grow through acquisition.
  • Find businesses that meet the buyer’s criteria and investment requirements.